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Johnson County Basketball Youth league champions crowned

Mtn City 1 undefeated girls

By Tim Chambers

Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

The Johnson County youth basketball league recently ended another successful campaign with three teams able to run the table.

Mountain City 2 (B Division)
Mountain City 2 finished unbeaten in the regular season and also breezed through the league tournament winning 33-14.
It was a special feat for the coaching staff that consisted of a daughter, father and a grandson that played.
Stacey Jennings and her dad and former JCHS head coach J. R. Campbell guided the team to their unblemished feat.
Their grandson, Carson Jennings led the way and has been a standout three-sport athlete since I came on the scene four years ago.
The team also had a lot of balance with players like Kaden Blevins and Carter Atwood leading the way. Andrew Long is another player with some size that will be fun to watch in the years to come.
Roan Creek 1 (A Divi sion)
The same can be said about Roan Creek 1 who was coached by Dirk Simcox and Darrell Dickens.
The junior high coaches should be licking their chops to get a player the caliber of Conner Simcox, who has the size and agility to be a tremendous player as shown in the tournament championship game where he scored 20 points.
His supporting cast of Dalton Pope and James Potter showed lots of athleticism as well. Eli Dugger is another player to be watching for.

Mountain City 1 (Girls)
This team had several players that showed promise and a few of them are already good athletes.
Brayden Eastridge is a firecracker guard with lots of quickness and ball handling skills who can score in bunches. Mattie Johnson, Shawna Arnold, Lexi Profitt and Sarah Johnson will make their names known among the junior high ranks when their time gets here.
The league had several other outstanding players, but only three teams were about to run the table.
Here is a list of players selected as MVP and All-Conference from their respective teams.
Doe 1: Kale Cox (MVP), Garrett Ward (All-Conference)
Doe 2: Ian Lewis (Call Conference), Loryn Charland (MVP),
Laurel: Rayley Matheson (MVP), Cayden Huskins (All-Conference)
Mtn. City 1: Hunter McEleya (MVP), Avery Blevins (All-Conference)
Mtn City 2: Gage Grissom (MVP), Bentley Forrester (All-Conference)
Mtn. City 3: Sawyer Marshall (MVP), Gavin Mahala (All-Conference)

Doe 1: Eli Tester (MVP), Jayden Bishop (All-Conference)
Doe 2: Darren Chappell (MVP), Oliver Pritchett (All-Conf)
Mtn. City 1: Dylan Warren (MVP), Braxton Bragg (All-Conference)
Mtn. City 2: Carson Jennings (MVP), Kaden Blevins (All-Conference)
Mtn. City 3: Ethan Smith (MVP) Hunter Paisley (All-Conference)

Doe 1: McKenzie Kelly (MVP), Tyler Bouchelle (All-Conference)
Doe 2: Conner Gibson (MVP), Kyle Sluder (All-Conference)
Mtn. City 1: Gaston Dugger (MVP), Gaston Dugger (All-Conference)
Mtn. City 2: Tanner Bulliner (MVP), Ethan Ward (All-Conference)
Mtn. City 3: Conner Stout (MVP), Ethan Reece (All-Conference)
Roan Creek 1: Conner Simcox (MVP), Dalton Pope (All-Conference)
Roan Creek 2: Noah Eastridge (MVP) Jackson Brewer (All-Conference)

Roan Creek: Sarah Icenhour (MVP), Ashlynn Beam (All-Conference)
Laurel: Kallahni Webster (MVP), Aden Thomas (All-Conference)
Mtn. City 1: Brayden Eastridge (MVP), Mattie Jones (All-Conference)
Mtn. City 2: Sierra Green (MVP), Kylah Henley (All-Conference)