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Johnson County, a weekend paradise

By: Tim Chambers
Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

Johnson County residents don’t have to look far when it comes to weekend recreation for their kids. Ralph Stout Community Park was the perfect place to be on Saturday according to a few of my little buddies I met while visiting there.
The park offers a variety of playground equipment for all ages including a pair of monster slides and a jungle gym.
You will also find walking trails, a picnic shelter and a beautiful duck pond that several adults were enjoying.
It was all about the merry-go-round and the slide for Jordan Anderson. He selected his favorite horse and rode continually with a big smile on his face.

“My favorite thing is going down the slide,” said Anderson. “Then I like to come over here and ride this horse. I can sometimes go fast when they push me hard.”
The twisting slide was what left a big smile on the face of five-year-old Kevin Villavla. He made the trip down with ease, then posed at the end with a huge grin.

Kevin didn’t say many words but he did take the time to smack this reporter a high five. That was his way of saying that “I love being here.”
Joseph and Jason Eastridge were busy playing on the jungle gym. It was double fun for the pair as they maneuvered their way with ease all across the bars.
More fun could be found just a few blocks away.
The city pool was beginning to fill up just before noon.

Tyler Gambill and Victoria Israel were busy doubling as lifeguards and concession stand workers. Big Jeff Brooks and Hampton’s Clay Fletcher were enjoying manning the lifeguard chairs.
Brooks was an all conference lineman for the Longhorns last season. Fletcher is a standout football player for the Bulldogs.

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