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JCMS sweeps Hunter in home opener for Longhorns

By Matt Hill

The JCMS Varsity Basketball Team showed their depth on Monday night as everyone contributed to a conference win.
The Longhorns played all their players and though the game was close at the end, JCMS held on for a 40-32 win over the Hunter Tigers at home.
JCMS pulled away late in the second and early in third and led 33-18 at one point. Then the Longhorn bench came in and did a very admirable job.
From the ball handling of Ty Robinson to the strong defensive play of Nathan Timbs, Jeffrey Brooks and Nate Plyler, everyone pitched in and helped lead the Longhorns to the win.
“We were cold because of the adrenaline and the excitement of your first home game and we’ve got five or six guys that we count on to shoot and they were throwing them plum over the goal. They were so excited,” JCMS head coach Eddy Phillips said.
“I thought the defensive effort was really, really good. If you have a cold night shooting, but you play defense you’re going to win. This team is fundamentally sound all the way around. Jeffrey really gave me some good minutes and Ty Robinson gave me some good minutes.”
Though there will be some nights where everybody won’t get to play, Phillips used Monday as a reward for all the kids’ hard work and for being good kids.
“If you put in practice and work as hard as they all do, they’re going to get to play and get game time, I promised them that. The thing about it is the team has progressively gotten better. I don’t give up a whole lot. I can take three out and put three in and I don’t lose a whole lot. They know that if they don’t play hard, they won’t play,” Phillips said.
The first of the game didn’t go as expected for JCMS, but playing at home for the first time this year may have had something to do with it.
“The first home game and the adrenaline had a lot to do with us starting slow,” Phillips said. “They were running out through the cheerleaders for the first time and being here at home and both sides pulled out and two or three hundred people here whatever it was so I wouldn’t call it sluggish I would just call it cold. They ran their plays and sets and got the shots, we just didn’t make them.”
SCORING: Chase Phillips 4, J.R. Speed 6, Scottie Tester 4, Jordan Grubb 9, Gregory Roark 6, Jeffrey Brooks 8, Harley Stout 2, Dakota Dowell 1.
Junior Varsity Boys
Hunter 9
The story of this game had nothing to do with what was going on the court, but rather with what was going on with the scoreboard.
In the JV Middle School games Monday night, a continuous clock ran except on time outs.
Coach Bones Grindstaff was very upset with what is apparently a new rule for middle school JV games.
“If you’re behind eight points, you can’t catch up,” he said, “I don’t like continuous clock. It rushes you. You don’t have time to set things up. Different refs have different rules. When we played at Unaka the rules were different than what we had tonight. I’ve never played four quarters on the same end, but we did that at Unaka. You can have two more refs and I guarantee it would be different.
As far as the game, the Longhorns struggled from to get in a flow, but Grindstaff says this team is going to get better.
“They’re a work in progress,” Grindstaff said. “We have a lot of work to do and we’re going to get it done.”
SCORING: Cody Bailie 11, Brandon Vannoy 5, Bradley Wright 2.
Varsity Girls
Hunter 13
The Lady Longhorns put forth an outstanding effort en route to a big conference victory.
JCMS played outstanding defense and gave great hustle.
JCMS head coach Greg Reece
“Everybody worked hard, we worked on two or three different defenses and worked on our press a little bit,” Reece said.
The Lady Longhorns had big games from the perimeter from Cindi Edington and Mary Beth Taylor, who combined had nine and six points, respectively.
Gianna Lay had four points and both Amber Morefield and Amber Brown had two.
”I feel like we’re making some strides,” Reece said.
Junior Varsity Girls
Hunter 11
The Lady Longhorns held a 12-2 lead at one point and then held on at the end.
Hunter outscored JCMS 6-0 in the fourth quarter, but JCMS was determined not to lose and they held on for the win.
“it shouldn’t have been that close and we about let it get away from us there, but we’ll take it. At the end of the year nobody says that doesn’t count it’s only a one-point win. It was a win.”

NOTE: Scoring is unavailable. The Tomahawk sports department apologizes.
Thursday’s games with Unaka
Varsity Boys
Unaka 24
SCORING: Chase Phillips 5, J.R. Speed 2, Scottie Tester 6, Jordan Grubb 4, Gregory Roark 6, Morgan Eggers 2, Jeffrey Brooks 6, Nathan Timbs 4, Dakota Dowell 2.
Junior Varsity Boys
Unaka 18
SCORING: Cody Bailie 13, Brandon Vannoy 2, Aaron Steele 7, Dillon Johnson 2, Hunter Tester 1. Ray Holiman 6, Alex Tressler 1.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Look for a full report on Tuesday night’s JCMS-Hampton game in next week’s Tomahawk.