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JCMS softball looking ahead to 2020

By Tamas Mondovics

That the Johnson County Middle School softball team enjoyed another outstanding season, there is little doubt.
But when things go well, the pressure to maintain success can become a concern. That was something that coaches of this year’s softball team have to contend with especially in the wake of a four-peat district championship title.
“We have some big shoes to fill with the 2019 season coming to a marvelous end and losing so many outstanding players,” said program head coach Haley Miller
Miller and assistant coach Mark Humphrey are wasting no time to gear up for the upcoming season.
“We wanted to get an early start on the 2020 season by having early tryouts this year,” Miller said.
Tryouts were held on the Thursday and Friday, May 16 and 17 with beautiful weather to accompany the event.
Miller was pleased with the two-day tryouts, which welcomed 30 students with a large variety of potential.
“Together, Humphrey and I decided only to keep 20,” Miller said. “This leaves room for each player to receive more one-on-one time with the Coaches and more playing time in games.”
Understandably, the program is looking forward to continuing its recent streak of success.
“We want to build on what they have learned in previous years and make our team mentally and physically strong,” Miller said, adding, “We may lose some and we may win some, but our take away from every game should focus on what we can do better next time. We should never be suited. Bettering ourselves on the field, in academics, in our relationships, and most of all, bettering our relationship with the Lord, should be our top priorities. I cannot instill the power of hard work in my girls enough, but that, for me as a coach, will be my number one goal.”
To be prepared for the upcoming season, the JCMS softball team has planned open field sessions throughout the summer.
The program is also looking into the possibility of attending a softball camp, which both coaches agreed would be a superb experience for the girls to see what hard work and dedication does for them in the future, while also recognizing the benefits of college athlete’s working with the young students.
All in all, Miller is looking forward to another successful season, while giving credit to a higher source when she said, “Whether we win or we lose, we will always be the thanking the Good Lord for the game of Softball.”

The 2019-2020 Johnson County Middle School softball team roster:

8th Grade
1. Emily Walker
2. Ashlynn Beam
3. Lexie Proffitt
4. Harley Wykle
5. Lauryn Bishop
6. Zennia Bouchelle
7. Braden Eastridge
8. Shawna Arnold
9. Sara Icenhour
10. Aden Thomas
11. Mattie Jones

7th Grade
1. Emma Eller
2. Sara Ward
3. Chloe Lackey
4. MiMi Zaldivar
5. Meleah Johnson
6. Kaylee Roark
7. Kayden C. Epperly
8. Emily Brooks
9. Ivy Lakatos