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JCMS softball finds wins on the road

Ella Icenhour’s strong arm is leading JCMS softball
this season. Submitted photo

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

The JCMS softball team has already had a hectic season. While this year’s schedule has the girls on the road for the majority of the games, they have found success along the way.
Johnson County began the season against Fall Branch. It was a rough start by playing a tough team, but the Horns prevailed with a 19-18 win.
The girls’ softball team then met with last year’s district champs, the Cloudland Highlanders. Johnson County put up a good effort, but they were just outplayed by the strong Carter County team. The final score was 0-13. The Lady Horns jumped right back to play rival Hampton Bulldogs.
This year’s team had an ax to grind, and they did it well. Some notable plays kept Johnson County alive, including Sarah Worlock, who had two home runs, followed by Izzy Thompson with a four-bagger and single, while Maddie Bendon had a triple and single for the night. A great showing but not enough for the Lady Horns to capture the win. The Bulldogs took the game 18-11.
The bottom of the seventh showed the willpower of this talented team. The Lady Horns were down by three, but the batting skills of several players were too much for the Hampton team. The Horns were edged by the Bulldogs with a 16-15 win.
Myleigh Crowder scored the run to capture the win for the Longhorns, but not without the help of Izzy Thompson, who had five hits, followed by Ella Icenhour and Crowder with four hits for the night. Credit also goes to Icenhour for some great pitching and ending the chances of a Bulldog win
by striking out the last Bulldog hitter.
JCMS played Cloudland again also but still could not get the win. However, the tables turned when the girls faced Providence last Tuesday night. They beat the Knights with a push late in the game. Icenhour is a killer on the mound and stopped Providence by striking out ten of their players.
The Lady Horns are busy, but they show out for Johnson County. They play Watuaga County Monday night. Coach Haley Miller said, “the schedule is packed full of games, but the girls go out and play hard, so as a coach, what more can I ask,” She added, “I see many good things from the girls. We just need to build upon the talent we have.”