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JCMS overpower West Greene in big win

JCMS Carter Atwood showcases hisskills in leading the Longhorns in Monday night’s game. Photo by Joey Icenhour

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer


The JCMS boys basketball team left West Greene Middle School pretty happy Monday night after a great win. The Longhorns took on the West Greene Buffaloes and quickly showed the Buffs what it meant to be a Longhorn.
The JV boys got in early and controlled the game against the Buffs. West Greene just could not keep up with the pace of the Longhorns. Carter Atwood worked his magic and led his team to a 33-20 victory.
Atwood can make those shots and can get the ball down the court. He was the only player with double digits. Kyle Maple scored seven, followed by Eli Tester and Jacob Fraeunthal with five for each player.
The varsity team came out of the coral attacking the Buffs early and never stopped. The Longhorns were very consistent, making baskets throughout the game. The Longhorns had 17 points in the first quarter, followed by 12 in the second. The Longhorns did not let a little halftime break slow them down; they had 16 points in the third quarter and decided they had whipped the Buffaloes enough but not without ending with nine points in the fourth quarter.
The varsity team is great at all aspects of the game, but the team works well together. They are all about the team and understand it is not a one-man show, which was evident in the middle school team’s scoring range on Monday night.
Jack Csillag led with 12 points, Carson Jennings had 10, Hunter Paisley ended with eight points, Atwood with 6, Landin Lipford and Darren Chappell with five points, Joe Church with four. Dylan Warren and Juan Mejia finished it out with two each. The Longhorns dominated offensively, but defensively they did not give any handouts to the Buffs. They kept them away from making many shots, which frustrated the Buffaloes but seemed to empower the Longhorns. It was a good night to be a Longhorn, and Coach Mark McClain could not be prouder of his team, “These guys got in there and got the job done early in the first quarter. We got off to a good start. It was a great win for the team.”