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JCMS loses to Dobyns-Bennett feeder school

The JCMS Middle School Football team has had a lot of success in the early days of the Matt Bray era.
However, the 2011 team is almost completely new and last Thursday night facing one of the biggest schools JCMS has ever faced, was able to get a taste of big-time middle school football.
The Longhorns, playing without quarterback Justin Pardue, fell to Dobyns-Bennett feeder Ross Robinson 16-0 at J. Fred Johnson Stadium in Kingsport.
The Longhorns struggled on offense, but played very well on defense as they recovered a couple of fumbles and Alex Tressler had a big interception at halftime.
That interception kept the game at 0-0 going into the second half.
Two second half touchdowns ended any hopes of a JCMS upset, but it was a valiant effort for a group that is very talented, but inexperienced at the middle school level.
“We had some difficulty moving the ball as our quarterback had only two days of practice coming in,” Bray said. “He did the best he could in the time we had to work with him. Defensively, we played well. We gave them a fight and it wasn't a scoring contest. Both teams had trouble moving the ball.”
For a lot of the players it was their first actual middle school game that counted on the record. A lot of things have changed for this group of players as everyone is bigger and faster than they might have been used to.
“The players are faster and size has increased,” Bray said. “We did improve from the jamboree against a team that we normally don't play and we were within one touchdown in the last two minutes of the game.”
Dresser really stood out for JCMS as one of the smallest guys on the field showed he had a huge heart by netting several big runs and by coming up with the big interception at halftime.
Bray likes to see the underdog succeed and is impressed by the heart and courage Tressler shows and showed on Thursday night.
“Alex Tressler made some big plays,” Bray said. “Even though he's small he has a huge heart.”
Bray has one more game against a Middle Eight Team and that's next Tuesday at home against John Sevier at 6 p.m.
Sevier is considered the stronger of the two Kingsport middle schools, but it doesn't stop Bray from wanting to put his team to the test.
“Any victory that is cheaply won is easily forgotten,” he said. “The greater challenge is to take a chance of defeat, fight a stronger opponent and win or lose become better for it.”