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JCMS Lady Longhorns on mission of success








By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

The JCMS Lady Longhorns have quickly demonstrated they
are an all-or-nothing team. They also promptly showed Rogersville Middle School and Happy Valley what it means to be a Lady Longhorn.
The girls have played some tough teams and won. However, they are also
easily discouraged when things do not happen as they should.
First-year coach Ricky Shaw wants to help his team be more consistent and stay motivated throughout the game. When asked why he chose to be the middle school girls’ coach, the answer was easy, “I want to prepare them for high school. I want them to know they can win, but they need to fight until the end and never give up.” The new coach also knows change takes time, so he is working on the first layer of building the Lady Longhorn machine.
The middle school record right now is 2-3 for varsity. The JV record isn’t as well as they hoped. It is important to remember, however, these girls missed a season of learning and competition. They are beginning to understand what “normal” is again.
Shaw has no doubt his JV team will get stronger as time goes on. He also mentioned it would be nice if other seventh graders would join the team. He is right now counting on sixth and seventh graders to play together.
One of the best parts of
the team is having the sixth graders playing. They get an extra year of learning plays and become stronger and more confident in their abilities.
As for leaders on the team, Shaw feels that will come in time, but they are learning together right now. He explains, “Right now, these girls need to work on building confidence and competitiveness. Good leaders are at their best when they are both winning and losing. The leaders will show up when they feel more confident in themselves and their abilities.”
The seventh and eighth-grade Lady Longhorns have a lot to learn but aren’t short of talent and drive. They will be successful. They have an outstanding coach to lead them. They must be unified as a team when the score is good and when it is not. Shaw is optimistic about his team and their talent. Everyone should go out next week and see Johnson County’s talented middle school athletes.