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JCMS gets swept against Hampton

By Matt Hill

Several years ago, JCMS head coach Eddy Phillips’ uncle, longtime Hampton High School Coach Doug Phillips, made waves when he was quoted that the Bulldogs lost a game on a bad call, but it turned out to be a phone call to schedule a game.
So when asked about a key walk at the end of Saturday’s contest with Hampton on, Phillips didn’t give out any blame in a 49-46 loss to the Bulldogs.
“That’s basketball,” Phillips said. “When you’re at home you’ll get some of them and when you’re away they’ll get them.”
The Longhorns were behind 47-45 and wanting a jump ball call, they instead were called for a walk.
The Bulldogs seized the momentum and the game.
“They were some things happened at the end that were more reasons why we didn’t win the game more than a few bad calls,” Phillips said. “Turnovers and rebounding contributed.
Phillips didn’t fault the team’s effort.
“The effort was there, we just had a bad night shooting,” Phillips said. “I bet we didn’t shoot 15 or 20 percent from the field if we’re lucky.
“I thought the kids did good and hung in it and put themselves in a position to win and have a chance,” Phillips said.
After being out of school for almost a month, Phillips will take the performance.
“I’ll take that kind of effort every game we play,” Phillips said.
SCORING: Patrick South 16, Evan Taylor 12, Brian Dempsey 6, Tyler Shaw 5, Dalton Timbs 3, Blade Hampton 3, Timmy Brown 1.
Varsity Girls
Hampton 41
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