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JCMS forced to overhaul football schedule

JCMS’ Dalton Brown (22) is show being chased by three Highlanders in last year’s game.
Cloudland’s chase to field enough players for a football failed in 2018. Photo by Tim Chambers

By Tim Chambers

Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

It’s been a difficult task for JCMS’ head football coach Devin Shaw when it comes to making out his football schedule for 2018.
Shaw was recently informed that Cloudland will not have a middle school football team this year due to lack of players.
It’s a shocking situation for a community that absolutely prides itself on their football programs. Several attempts were made to try and get enough players to fill a roster but they came up short due to lack of numbers.
The handful of players who showed interest will now be allowed to join up with Hampton and play during the 2018 season.
“I really hate it for all the middle school kids up there,” said Shaw. “Cloudland has always been a great rival for us because they’ve always had a good football program. I hope they can get it started back soon. They have a great tradition up there.”
Shaw will take his team to Jonesborough on Thursday for a game-type scrimmage and will also play a couple of team out of North Carolina to fill their void.