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JCHS Longhorns conduct successful football camp

Carson Jennings sheds off a blocker
Carson Jennings sheds off a blocker

By Tim Chambers

Nearly 20 youth league football players took part in Saturday’s football camp that was sponsored by the high school coaching staff and players.
The kids were instructed in different types of tackling drills in addition to blocking techniques and offensive skills.
JCHS’ head coach Don Kerley was happy with what took place on the field.
“I thought the camp went great, but we would have liked to have seen more kids there,” said Kerley. “Our players enjoyed it and the youth players got a lot of instruction from them. Anytime we can help the youth league is a plus for us. I believe that everyone who participated had a good time.”
Kerley hopes the camp can be an annual event.
We charged $20 this time so we will try and improve on that next year,” added Kerley. “We want everyone to come so we might scale back the price or not charge at all. It’s something that we would like to do every year. It’s a win-win for everyone.”