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JCHS Golf team head to regionals after second place win

By Beth Cox

Sports Writer

Friday night’s game against West Greene was one of the most intense games Johnson County has played this season. The Longhorns came out strong and never gave up.

Connor Simcox nursed a sore arm, prompting Coach Don Kerley put Grinnan Walker in as quarterback for a portion of the game.

To Walker’s credit, he can just about do it all. He is an all-around gifted athlete and has done an excellent job for the Longhorns. Friday night, however, West Greene’s coach was ready for the quarterback switch, “we were prepared for Walker as quarterback,” said Coach Scotty Verran.

Walker attempted ten passes and completed four for 40 yards, and had five receptions for 69 yards. Once Kerley saw they had the Longhorns’ running game figured out, he switched it to a passing game, which in many ways worked out well. Simcox did a good job passing with some great catches by key players.

Nathan King got things off to a good start for a carry of 66 of 68 yards that led to the night’s first touchdown, with Walker taking the ball in for the touchdown on a four-yard carry.

In the first quarter, the Longhorns led 6-0. Simcox would find Walker again for a 32-yard run and touchdown with a 12-8 score in the second quarter. The Buffs bounced back in the third with a 44-yard pass to Ethan Turner, giving West Greene the 14-12 lead. With less than 3:30 on the clock, the Buffs would add another touchdown, but the Longhorns fired right back with less than 35 seconds on the clock.

Simcox again made contact with Walker with an 18-21 final score of the night.

The Longhorn defense played so well and minimized additional scoring for the Buffaloes. Carter Rhuddy once again made some crucial tackles that kept West Greene from scoring. The sophomore standout had six tackles for the night. Sam Cretsinger, however, led the defense.
He was everywhere and
ended the night with eight tackles before being helped off the field due to injury. Kyle Sluder also had five tackles, as well as senior Aden Sluder.

Freshman Juan Meija had a great night with seven tackles, 52 rushing yards, and a 13-yard reception. Credit also has to go to kicker Nick Bigwood with some mighty big kicks that only helped the Longhorns defensively against the Buffs.

Kerley felt his guys played well and worked hard throughout the game.

“We both scored the same amount of touchdowns,” Kerley said. “They got a two-point conversion and field goal where we did not. We have nothing to be ashamed of. It was a tough loss but a great game.