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JCHS Freshmen seeing mixed bag

By Matt Hill

It’s been a mixed bag so far for the JCHS Freshmen Football Team in 2010.
After playing well in a 33-20 defeat to Sullivan North two weeks ago, the Longhorn ‘frosh lost 25-8 to Sullivan Central in a game that was dominated by the Cougars last Thursday night.
Against the Cougars, the Longhorns had a crucial fumble early that was recovered by Central and that set the tone.
The Cougars dominated JCHS on both sides of the ball and the Longhorns never could get into flow.
“We were out of sync,” Plyler said. “We had some guys playing in some spots that they hadn’t played in and when you’re thin numbers wise it makes a difference. We’ll regroup.”
The North game was a lot better one for JCHS as the Longhorns did perform admirably in their first high school football game.
Lucas Henson contributed on two touchdowns, including an 11 yard pass to Bruce Reece and Patrick South ran one 96 yards which turned out to be a very impressive play.
“The boys kept fighting and we had a fourth down stand with two minutes to go and then Patrick took it to the house,” Plyler said. “That’s what I liked.
North plays a ninth and tenth grade squad and JCHS may have felt a little intimidated about that early, but shook everything off.
“I was a little disappointed playing that well then not playing so well in week two,” Plyler said. “I have to keep reminding myself that they’re boys and we’ve got four or five who had never played a down of football before this year and a couple of them are starting. We have a lot of kids who haven’t played. We’ll put Central behind us and regroup.”
One bright spot in the Central game was a late punt return for a touchdown by Josh Snyder.
Central might have come in a little inspired after an attempted school shooting last Monday, but Plyler didn’t think it had any factor.
“It may have, but when I talked to the coaches they said as far as the kids were concerned the way the lockdown was handled, it’s more the administration and the staff that are still dealing with it, so it didn’t seem to. I think what fired them up was that fumble recovery and then they didn’t look back.”