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JCHS Freshmen Football Team plays tough in defeat

The JCHS Freshmen Football Team didn't play at their top level last Tuesday at McEwen Stadium, but it still managed to play a competitive game against one the area's elite programs.
The Longhorns ended up losing 20-6 to Tennessee High and the Longhorns did have their chances.
Turnovers hurt JCHS, but overall it wasn't a bad first effort for a team with very high expectations.
“I'm always disappointed with a loss and the boys are, but I think it was a pretty good start,” Coach Scott Plyler said. “In the first half we gave up one big play and they're up 6-0 and we gave up one on our end of the field and they got that second score.
“Yeah I'm disappointed and I'm disappointed for the boys. They've worked hard to prepare and this is their field and it hurts, but we'll get back up off the mat.
Though it was a big school, the Longhorns did expect to win and they expect to defeat every opponent on the schedule. There are very high expectations for these kids.
“They believe they're as good as anybody around and that's one thing I like about these kids they know how to win and they don't like losing and we kept playing and put one on the board. We have playmakers who made some plays and we missed some plays as well.”
The play of the night came in the fourth quarter when quarterback Warren Kerley found Ryan Sauer for a long completion and then Jordan Grubb did the rest to bring the game to its final score of 20-6
“I thought Warren through well, but this is different from what they've seen before,” Plyler said. “We made some adjustments and we missed some tackles, but I was pleased overall with the effort that we did make some plays and saw some things we can work on.”
The defense played well and that pleased Plyler.
“I like the way we brought the hat,” Plyler said. “I liked how we hit and though we missed some tackles when we hit people we did hit them and that's nice to see, We made some good form tackles and guys are getting to the right place.”
Even though the varsity game was not the best the Friday night before against the Vikings, this Freshmen group didn't care about that and they weren't intimidated.
“I didn't sense any of that,” Plyler said. “I like our numbers. We had 24 that were in uniform today and we had two that have to heal up so when I have everybody here I'll have 26 kids which bodes well for us.”
Thursday Game
Sullivan Central 28
The Longhorns didn't have much time to bounce back and just couldn't pull it off against the Cougars.
Following are the stats:
Warren Kerley was 7 of 20 passing for 108 yards & 2TD
Receptions were:
Doug Stanton 2 for 41 yds and 1 TD
Ryan Sauer 2 for 45 yds
Greg Roark 2 for 12 yds and 1 TD
Jordan Grubb 1 for 10 yds
Jordan Grubb 9 carries for 93 yards
Doug Stanton 4 carries for 37 yards
Aaron Osborne 6 carries for 12 yards
Warren Kerley 4 carries for 11 yards
Scottie Tester & Ryan Sauer with 6
Cole Peters with 5,
Richard Barnette, Chris Courtner & Greg Roark all with 4
Jake Greer, Triston Hill and Jordan Grubb with 3
Doug Stanton with 2 & Jeff Brooks and Cody Young with 1