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JCHS Football Team begins practice for upcoming season

By Matt Hill

Football season is finally here as the JCHS Football Team began practicing for the 2010 campaign this week.
The Longhorns are coming off a 5-6 season where they lost their last four games.
In 2010, JCHS is filling many holes on the offensive and defensive side of the football.
This week though is not really about last season. It’s about getting the kids in shape for this season.
The Longhorns have been waking up in the wee hours of the morning and heading to the Hill to condition and run, then they have been actually going over plays in the evening practice session.

“We’re trying to get our boys in shape and trying to get our basic sets and formations in as quick as we can,’ JCHS head coach Mike Atwood said.
JCHS, which plays its first game at Cherokee Aug. 20, is also fighting another opponent.
Oppressive heat has rocked Mountain City for the last week with temperatures in the 90s. This has caused the Longhorn coaching staff to take extreme caution in regarding the heat.
“We’re practicing at 6:30 in the morning and again at 6:30 at night to try and stay out the direct sunlight, but still it’s going to be the night practice. The forecast says it’s supposed to start cooling off a little bit,” Atwood said.

One way the Longhorns have been fighting the heat is drinking plenty of water.
“We actually have mandatory water breaks,” Atwood said. “When you start getting that tired you feel like you don’t want to drink but we make them. We tell them to hydrate during the day, not just at practice.”
The Longhorns will begin finding replacements for last year’s senior class and the coaching staff is ready to get at it.
“The offensive and defensive lines are where we’re looking for people,” Atwood said. “That’s what we’re looking at. The next two weeks are very important.”
The Longhorns are also looking at seeing what their strengths and weaknesses are going to be.
“These next two weeks we’re looking to see what we do well and what we need to stay away from,” Atwood said.
Right now, the Longhorns are just trying to find out what kind of football team they are going to have.
“It’s a learning curve,” Atwood said. “We’re also going to be very limited on what we can do offensively so we need to find out what we can do.”
For complete details please pick up your copy of this weeks, The Tomahawk, available at local newsstands today!