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JCHS drops contest at Wise County Central

On paper, JCHS and Wise County Central, Va. looked evenly matched, but on the field it was a totally different story.
The Longhorns are still looking for their first win following a 48-14 defeat to the Wise County Central Warriors at UVA-Wise in front of a packed Homecoming crowd.
The Longhorns fell behind 42-0 in a game that saw their rushing attack stifled, but it would be the passing game that allowed JCHS to score its only two touchdowns.
Starter Warren Kerley found Timmy Bellamy with 9:06 left in the fourth quarter from 12 yards out to give the Longhorns their first score of the game.
Following a Wise County Central touchdown when the Warriors went for it on fourth and two from their own 32 yard line and scored on a screen pass, the Longhorns were primed to put another touchdown on the scoreboard.
The Longhorns did it with quarterback Lucas Henson, who hit Doug Stanton for six.
Both extra points were kicked by Ryan Mahala.
“We're disappointed with how we played,” JCHS head coach Mike Atwood said. “We had a good week of practice and thought we were going to come here and play well. We didn't handle the big field and long ride and didn't handle the game situation very well. We practiced well, we just did play very good tonight. We had some younger kids play well and did some good things.We made some early mistakes and got down 14-0. They were a good football team. They did a good job. Our boys played hard, we were just out-manned.”
Special Teams play and some young mistakes were costly early on and the game just snowballed from there.
“We're not the type of team that can come back from a deficit and when we got down early I think that took a little bit out of us,” Atwood said. “They played pretty hard in the second half.”
It was a bright moment for Timmy Bellamy, a standout tennis player for the Longhorns who showed off some football skill Friday night.
Atwood was thrilled to see the junior get a touchdown.
“I was happy to see Timmy score and it was a good pass from Warren,” Atwood said. “When we execute we're pretty good, we're just having a tough time executing right now.”
Atwood was also pleased with the play of Henson and what he brings to the table.
“We're pleased with both our quarterbacks right now,” Atwood said. “They're doing a good job and they're very young. This is the youngest we've been and I think the quarterback situation is going all right.”
Jordan Grubb gave JCHS a good outing, finishing with four carries for 22 yards.
“He's really been doing good in practice and we have a lot to look forward to for the next three years. We're pleased with how Jordan ran the ball. We're going to try and give him as many carries at the end of the year.”
Atwood's heart breaks for these seniors who have tried so hard and give it their all for the school.
It's not going to be a season to remember, but hopefully a win is coming soon.
“The hardest part about it is seeing the upperclassmen because I know how hard they work and what they put in to it and it's a tough position for those boys because they do work hard and they do play hard. It just wasn't in the cards this year.”
Senior Sean Klukan, who has battled injuries for five years, was able to see action and it was very pleasant to see,
“Sean had a good week of practice and we felt like he gave us our best chance there,” Atwood said. “That's who we put in.”
This article would not be complete without going back to the play where Wise County scored on a screen pass.
A lot of Longhorn fans in attendance thought this play was running up the score, but Atwood wants to assure the JCHS faithful that it wasn't.
“We saw on film that they didn't have a very good punt game,” Atwood said. “I would have done the same thing if I was them. I don't blame him.”
The Longhorns host Elizabethton Friday at 7:30.
RUSHING: Patrick South 23-93, Ryan Mahala 1-(-20), Luke Poteet 1-(-2), Chris Stollings 1-(-5), Warren Kerley 2-(-8), Jordan Grubb 4-22
RECEIVING: Chris Stollings 5-36,Timmy Bellamy 1-12, Doug Stanton 1-26
PASSING: Warren Kerley 6-11-2, 48 yards; Lucas Henson 1-2-0, 26 yards
SACKS: Skylar Reece 1
TACKLES: Craig Jennings 4, Ryan Mahala 2, Seth Little 3, Connor Icenhour 8, Scottie Tester 5, Tristen Hill 1, Skylar Reece 6, Roby Roark 2, Mikey Edington1, Ryan Smith 4, Chris Stollings 3, Timmy Bellamy 4, Sean Klukan 2.