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JCHS Cheerleaders to showcase talent and experience

2021-2022 JCHS Cheerleaders. Submitted photo

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

With football season right around the corner, high school football coaches and players are assuredly thinking of all things football. However, one group of athletes is also right there, with them practicing daily and thinking of nothing more than the first game. The Johnson County High School Cheerleaders, under the direction of Coach Michelle Walters and new coach Katherine Lewis, are working hard every day to make sure they are ready for the first kickoff of the season.

“We have an awesome squad, we have many of our cheerleaders returning, plus we just have a lot of talented girls,” Walters said.

“It’s going to be a great year,” new coach Katherine Lewis agreed. “These girls are an excellent group. I couldn’t ask for a better group to start my first year as a cheer coach.”

Lewis met the girls for the first time right before cheer camp started, and they all had an instant connection.As for co-captain Bella Phipps, she is just happy to cheer for all the games. Phipps said that last year was discouraging having to cheer in masks and miss the away games.

“I tried to be more positive for my teammates, but honestly, I was discouraged too,” she said. “I just felt we were stuck, like in a little mousetrap.” Phipps
added, “I’m hoping this year will be as normal as it can be. We are just ready to get started.”

With seven seniors and only four new faces, the cheerleaders will be running on the field at Hampton High School on August 27 with talent, spirit, a pyramid of experience, and a desire to incite the crowd to help inspire Longhorns to crush the Hampton Bulldogs.

As the cheer quotes states, “a good cheerleader is not measured by the height of her jumps but by the span of her spirits.” The Longhorn cheerleaders, under the direction of a talented veteran coach along with a fearless new assistant coach, will bring on the cheers, not only to motivate a team but a whole community, even if normal is not guaranteed.