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JCHS Boys, Girls tennis team prove different results in last week tennis play


By Beth Cox

Coach Zach Pittman has had some difficulty in finding matches for the boys’ tennis team, so when East Side High School Spartans from Coeburn, VA accepted the challenge to play at JCHS on Monday, Pittman was ready to give the boys some
competition and experience playing an aggressive tennis team.
East Side came out strong and controlled the play throughout the competition. The Longhorns played tough and fought hard with that “never give up” attitude, but the score just didn’t represent how hard they fought for the win.
No. 1 Mason Stanley would go two sets against East Side but would not be able to get the win,
(4-6) (2-6)
In other singles matches, No. 2 seed Noah Cox (5-8), No. 3 Dalton Sluder (2-8), No. 5 Noah Nelson (0-8), and No, 6 Adam Manuel (3-8). Will Henson (No. 4) would be the only winner of the evening (8-4).
In doubles action, East Side continued to overpower the Longhorns ending with Stanley and Henson (2-8), Cox and Sluder (3-8) and Nelson and Manuel (1-8).
Coach Pittman responded to the Longhorns defeat, “East Side got to everything and kept the ball in play. We had a chance to win but hit too many unforced errors.”
The Lady Longhorns played against Happy Valley High School Tuesday afternoon at JCHS tennis courts. The fans who went out to cheer on them as they faced off with the Lady Warriors were in for a real treat.
The Lady Horns wrangled in the Warriors early and never let go of the reigns.
In singles play, the experience of the Longhorns proved to be too much for the Warriors.
No. 1 Taylor Cox, No. 2 Olivia Cox, No. 3 Taylor Parsons and No. 5 Rhiannon Icenhour all won their singles matches with an 8-0 score, followed by No. 4 Margaret Morrow (8-1), and No. 6 Hannah Bauer (8-4).
In doubles play, the power continued to go to the Lady Longhorns; twin sisters, T. Cox and O. Cox and the duo of Parsons and Morrow would both win 8-3.
Freshmen twin sisters Kaylee and Ashlee Williams were able to get to be a part of the action Tuesday afternoon, with their first doubles match going to the Warriors (5-8).