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How to avoid putting your foot into your mouth

By: Tim Chambers
Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

It’s not easy for a large man to feel small but this one did last week. I was busting my hump to finish a large lump of stories. My “Tomahawk Talk” column was the last one.
Eric Wampler had just been named head girls’ basketball coach at JCHS less than two weeks after accepting the middle school job. I felt like it would make a great story for my column.
By the time I got all my information it was close to deadline. I called Coach Wampler thinking I had a good story for my weekly column. Instead, it turned into a comedy. All because of one innocent miscue.
I asked Coach Wampler if he found it hard to accept the girl’s job after taking the middle school boys position just recently.
He gave me a great answer that I turned into a blooper.
“They came on Thursday and told me Coach Whittemore had resigned,” said Wampler. “They asked me if I was interested in talking the girl’s job? It basically wasn’t a hard decision. Kourtney (Tolley) and I had talked about the possibility that this could happen when I took the middle school job. The two of us already had a basis to start talking about it if it came up.”

Foot in Mouth
My first thought was that Wampler had discussed this with the returning girls where he was an assistant coach this year. I assumed that Courtney who he referred to was (Kourtney Tolley). She’s a three-year starter so I thought no harm meeting with the team captain.
Long story short, Courtney happens to be Coach Wampler’s wife. They have a beautiful two-year old son named Trey. She is the tobacco prevention coordinator at the high school. She is also the one that he was referring to about discussing the job opening.

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