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Horns win over Devils

After a week long break from action on the football field, the Longhorns were almost cost a second game because of the weather. Originally scheduled for a Friday night game on the road against the Grayson County Blue Devils from Independence, Virginia, heavy rains flooded the field and caused a postponement until Saturday. Even then the rain remained steady, and Head Coach Don Kerley was becoming worried that his team might not have gotten into the game at all.
“We haven’t played in 16 days and we were getting worried that we wouldn’t get to play,” Kerley said. “Trying to go play Cloudland the next week after that would have been tough, but we got it in there on Saturday so that’s a good thing.”
Even when the Longhorns decided to try it despite the wet weather, there was a short delay because of lightning. Facing a relatively unknown opponent on their own home turf with the weather against them, things could have gone very poorly for Johnson County, yet through it all the matchup actually turned out to be remarkably one sided.
“The kids played real well,” Coach Kerley said. “We’ve still got a lot of things to work on but the kids hit hard and tackled well. We threw the ball around in the rain and they caught it quite a bit, so we did some good things. Every game we want to win. We’ve got to win and the kids wanted to win so it was a good game for us. We had a lot of fans that came up and watched the game. We were exited for them to go with us. It was just a fun time.”
From the outset the Longhorn defense did an excellent job holding the Blue Devils at bay, and with the exception of one major mistake they took advantage of in the middle of the game, Grayson County’s offense was never able to make a serious drive. “We had one turnover,” Kerley said about the Blue Devils only scoring run. “We just made a bad decision throwing the ball and they took it to the house on us. But overall we had no bad snaps in the center, we ran shotgun spread quite a bit, went no huddle on ‘em and had no turnovers. We’re tickled to death. The kids played well, especially on defense.”
Offensively Johnson County performed well enough to get the job done, relying on a combination of solid ground plays and numerous passing yards to receivers like Greg Roark. In the end the Longhorns were able to take it to the end zone four times with a few extra point maneuvers added in.

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