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Horns rack up the wins

Carson Jennings’ pitching and the Longhorns offense has helped the team dominate their competion this season. Photo by Joey Icenhour

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

The Johnson County Middle School boys’ baseball team has been on a winning frenzy lately.
The Longhorns easily cleaned house at home against Happy Valley on April 4 with an 11-0 shutout and showed Happy Valley the power at the plate in the first inning.
Kaden Blevins stepped up and knocked a line drive to right field, landing him on second base. Carson Jennings got on first on a walk, and Blevins advanced to second. Juan Mejia then added a home run to left field. He cleaned the bases and put three runs on the board.
Mejia and Isaac Lewis got on base in the bottom of the sixth.
Lewis scored off of Hunter Paisley’s ground ball. The Longhorns nailed the hole in the coffin of the Warriors with six runs in the sixth inning of the game, leaving a stunned sideline of Happy Valley players wondering what just happened. The strategy was consistent by the hitters; Mejia, Jamie Jones, Lewis, and Paisley all had singles and Blevins with a double. Mejia and Blevins each had three hits to lead the Longhorns.
The Longhorns once again faced another rival on April 7 when they welcomed the Hampton Bulldogs to Longhorn stadium. The talent shined through each time as they worked well together.
The Longhorns led early in the first inning with three runs but kept firing at the Bulldogs. Johnson County put up five more runs in the second inning, with two more in the third and fourth inning and one in the fifth.
Hampton woke up and got five runs in the fifth.
The Longhorns fired back with three more runs in the bottom of the sixth and showed pure dominance with a solid 16-6 win.
The Longhorns were back in action on April 11, playing against University School. The game was simply the same story, a different day.
The Longhorns were unstoppable at-bat.
“No doubt they are a talented bunch of players and have been playing great baseball,” Crews said. “I’m proud of them.”
The Longhorn offense was top notch against the Bucs, while Jennings, Lewis, Jones, Blevins, and Mejia got multiple hits for the Longhorns’ easy win.