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Horns lose to Elizabethon twice in a double-header

Making up for lost time early in the season, the JCHS baseball team played in a tough double header against the Elizabethton Cyclones last Monday night. With trouble on the offense still hindering the Longhorns, there was little the home team could do to keep the Cyclones at bay.
The first game got off to a relatively good start, with pitcher Jacob Henson gaining a first inning strikeout on Elizabethton’s Eric Carter, and the defense wrapping up the other two outs at second and first base respectively. The same pattern held true in the second inning, with another three quick outs as well as another strikeout for Henson, but a couple of huge slip-ups in the third started a landslide of Cyclone runs.
The first two runners got on base with a hit by the pitcher and a following walk. Defensive errors eventually helped get two more runners on base while advancing those already in place and before long Elizabethton was looking at a four-run lead. A Johnson County win was still within reach at this point, and with a little luck finally coming through on the offense, the Longhorns were able to cut it to 4-2.
A solid hit from Judd Hammons that was aided by a critical Cyclone error to put Jacob Henson in play, allowed the Longhorns to take first and second. Senior, Daniel Helm then landed the biggest Johnson County hit of the night, gaining himself two RBIs in the process and bringing the Longhorns two runs closer to the lead. This proved to be the only time that Johnson County could actually reach home plate during the 1st game.
Elizabethton, on the other hand, went into a huge sweep during the fourth that the Longhorns simply could not overcome. Nailing five back-to-back hits including a triple, the Cyclones eventually loaded the bases and began knocking in runners one after the other. By the time Johnson County regained control Elizabethton had already sent eight runners home.
With such a devastating loss already behind them, the second game of the evening didn’t go much better. This time Elizabethton was warmed up and ready to go from the first inning, putting two runners on base and eventually advancing one all the way through. This time the JCHS coaching staff ran the gambit on pitchers, starting with Andy Woods and eventually using Alex Tressler, Brandon Vannoy, and Jon Vannoy before the night was over.

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