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Horns end losing streak with Chuckey Doak win

The Johnson County Longhorns competed well in the first game of the Sullivan East FCA Shootout in Bluff City, TN. Taking on the Chuckey Doak Black Knights, the Longhorns managed to pull out a strong win, ending a four game losing streak. The game started off slow for the Longhorns, with the first quarter ending down by 4 and only 2 ahead by half time. According to #10, Andy Stout, “Were usually a one half team, either the first half or the second half. So, I guess we just decided to play the second half tonight. Our defense needed to be a little better. We had some defensive plays we needed and there were some shots that we should not have taken, but we did better on the turnovers. Fortunately, the effort was really good tonight. We just get it and go.”
Brian Dempsey made the first shot of the night for Johnson County, but was quickly brought back in check by a Chuckey Doak 3 pointer. A foul shot four minutes into the 1st quarter tied the two the game 3-3. The remaining half didn’t see either team make a much of a stride, but some well-timed three pointers did put the Black Knights ahead at the clock, 6-10.
The second quarter began to pick up pace but neither side backed down. Johnson County lagged behind initially, but a run of successful buckets from Dusty Stout, T.J. Patterson, and Ryan Mahala tied it up yet again with 15-15 at 3:40 on the clock. The last few minutes before halftime were a back and forth game of catch up, with Johnson County pulling ahead 17-15, only to be tied again at 17-17. A final foul shot by T.J. Patterson with only 15 seconds on the clock closed out the half in Johnson County’s favor, 20-18.
It seemed as though the whole game might follow this pattern, with the third quarter starting off evenly matched. Although the Longhorns managed to stay ahead most of the quarter, only falling behind by one point three minutes in, their luck didn’t really change until the five minute mark when Ryan Mahala picked up a three followed closely with a bucket from Brian Dempsey, putting Johnson County ahead 27-23. Yet, even then the Black Knights managed to even it back up with a foul shot at 27-27 with three minutes left in the quarter. A last second bucket by Dusty Stout started the fourth off on a good foot at 29-27.
Although there was considerable doubt about who the victor would be all throughout the third, the fourth really saw the Longhorns come alive, managing to hold Chuckey Doak to 27 until the last two minutes, a fact not lost on Coach Austin Atwood. “Well we’ve got to spoil the better obviously, but when you can hold a team to seven points in the whole second half you’ve got a good chance to win.”
At the same time, Johnson County was racking up their own points, with several shots from Andy Stout, Dusty Stout, and T.J Patterson that put the game to 46-27 with three minutes left in the game. “What got us was when we got there at then end of the third and beginning of the fourth and we had seven sets in a row where we got a bucket,” said Atwood. “I thought we passed the ball a lot better in the second half. We’ve just got to learn to score a little bit. We’ve got young guys and they’re learning how to play but tomorrow will be a new day against Tennessee High.”
Chuckey Doak made a good rally in the last two minutes, holding the longhorns to 48 while they landed seven more points. Yet it proved to be too little, too late, giving Johnson County the win at 48-34. Following this victory, the Longhorns will be set to take on Tennessee High in the second night of the shootout.

Dusty Stout 13
Brian Dempsey 12
Ryan Mahala 9
T.J. Patterson 7
Andy Stout 6