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Horns defeat Unaka in overtime

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Tuesday night at Unaka High School, the Longhorns were able to get some sweet revenge against the Rangers as they stepped onto Ensor Court.
In December at JCHS, Unaka skimmed by the Longhorns in the fourth quarter and went home with a 58-54 win, so the Longhorns were ready to pay the favor back Tuesday night.
The Longhorns barreled out of the gate and went on the attack against the Rangers in the first quarter with a 13-6 lead. Zack Parsons got the Longhorn fans on their feet early with a great steal and an easy layup on the Rangers.
Parsons had 24 out of 72 points for the night and seven rebounds. Connor Simcox also attacked the basket and put up a solid 12 points.
The Longhorns kept the lead in the second quarter, and with 40 seconds on the clock, Graham Reece got the ball and passed to Preston Greer, who got the fast break two-point shot; Greer led with 27 points.
Graham Reece had a good night
adding 10 points to the final score. The Longhorns maintained the lead until the fourth quarter.
The Rangers did not give up; the game ended in overtime. Coach Austin Atwood helped his guys get back on track after the Rangers caught up, “I told them just to calm down and play smarter, and they did. I was proud of the effort they gave tonight.”
In overtime, the Longhorns owned the Rangers and sent them packing with the 72-63 win.
The win against Unaka was a non-conference win but helped give the Longhorns a big boost of confidence, which will help with the busy week of basketball ahead of them.
Unfortunately, the Lady Longhorns did not win, but Aubree Glenn really played like a winner and went away with 10 points. The Lady Horns lost 68-28.
JCHS basketball teams will travel to South Greene Tuesday and then back at home Thursday against West Ridge and West Greene at home on Friday.