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Home team loses in two nights of play

The Lady Longhorns faced a tough match on Tuesday night going up against Sullivan East. Sullivan East jumped out to take the lead from the beginning and continued to hold the momentum through most of the night. Twice during the first game, Sullivan East proceeded to rack up the points while the Longhorns were struggling to get one or two. With the score 6 – 4 in favor of Sullivan East, they proceeded to expand their lead to 12 – 4. Afterwards, the Longhorns scored 2 more points and then Sullivan East went on another lead stretching run to take the score to 20 – 6 in favor of Sullivan East before the Longhorns could slow them down a bit. The Longhorns lost the first game 25 – 12.

In the second game, the Longhorns were able to give Sullivan East a little better fight for the points. It was a give and take match for the points until the score was 6 – 4 in favor of Sullivan East. The Longhorns then went on a 4-point run before Sullivan East could score again bringing the game to be tied at 7 – 7. Sullivan East then proceeded to go on another run of points scoring 8 more before the Longhorns could get another point. With the score 22 – 11 in favor of Sullivan East, the Longhorns went on another four-point run bringing it to 22 – 15 and it appeared that the Longhorns may be regaining the momentum. Sullivan East then took the momentum back and the Longhorns ended up losing the second game 25 – 17.
The Longhorns did a little better in the third game but ended up losing the game 25 – 19. There were many great rallies throughout the three games and the Longhorns put up a great fight but in the end Sullivan East was able to secure the victory.
“I thought at times we played very well,” Coach Crabtree stated. We just faced a very good team. They were able to out attack us. We played very good defense but just couldn’t sustain it for the whole night. We have a long season left and by the end of the season we will be better able to give top teams a run.”
Tuesday night stats:
Rachel – 10 kills, 8 assists and 15 digs.
Brionna – 12 kills
Tayla – 15 digs
Krista – 10 assists

Thursday night, the Longhorns played Elizabethton. The scores for those three games were, 25 – 12, 25 – 15, and 25 – 22 with the Longhorns losing all three games to Elizabethton. Coach Crabtree stated, “Thursday we just couldn’t get enough offense to attack Elizabethton. They were able to attack us and make us play defense all night. We are a good team when we attack, but we struggle when the other team attacks us.”
Thursday night stats:
Rachel – 12 kills, 18 digs
Brionna – 8 kills, 5 blocks
Tayla – 18 digs

One must remember that this team is a fairly new team as there were only a few members returning from last year’s roster. As they learn to play together as a team, get familiar with how each person on the team plays, how they like the ball to be set, what each player’s strengths and weaknesses are, this team will be able to compete very well with any of the teams that they face.