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Holloway has perfect game

David Holloway bowled a perfect game on July 3.  File photos

By Beth Cox

Sports Writer

David Holloway has been keeping the office at The Tomahawk organized and efficient for almost ten years. He takes care of billing, circulation, and subscriptions. Holloway, however, leaves all that behind and heads off to participate in his favorite recreational pastime, bowling.

But it seems that Holloway has the chance to take it to the next level and be a part of the professional circuit. Does he have the desire or the time to become a professional bowler?

He certainly has the talent. On July 3 at Holiday Lanes in Johnson City, Holloway did what most professional bowlers only dream of doing; he bowled a 300, which is a perfect game of a three games series where he had 10 strikes in a row for the record win.

For a  professional bowler getting 300 is a 460-1 chance; for amateurs, it is 11,500-1.

Holloway plays on two separate teams, one in Johnson City and the other in Boone. He enjoys bowling even more now, thanks to his sons Joshua and Jonathan playing with him in Boone on the team.

Joshua also bowls with his dad in Johnson City. Holloway’s four-man team called Man-on placed second in Johnson City last year and received prize money.

David consistently bowls in the mid-200s, and he has all the talent to go professional.

When asked what the key to successful bowling is, he simply says it’s consistency, “trying to bowl the same way twice is very hard, so you just have to work on being consistent.”

Holloway has no plans of slowing down, and even though he has no desire to play professionally, maybe one day he will decide to try it and motivate others in the area to break out and try another sport that is not typical in the region.

The USBC Open Championship tournament is the most popular in the bowling circuit. The 2022 winner was 25-year-old Anthony Simonsen, who bowled 219-216 and took home prize money of $100,000.

Holloway has been averaging around 210-214.