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Herman overcame a lot to earn spot on JCHS Volleyball Team

Priscilla Herman has had to battle her way into the JCHS Volleyball lineup, but she has won the respect of her coaches and teammates in the process.
The Lady Longhorn senior almost had to quit volleyball after not making the team two years ago, but she showed that fighting spirit that so many in the Herman family have shown.
Herman is the sister of 2010 Three Rivers Conference Lineman of the year Danny Herman, who is now a student at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C.
For Herman, her determination has allowed her to be successful.
“Not making the team had me down, but it also made me try harder,” Herman said.
A lot of kids after not making the team would have given up and quit, but Herman knew she wanted to be a member of the JCHS Volleyball Team and nothing was going to stop her.
“I just felt like volleyball wasn't over for me at that point and then with a new coach (Eric Crabtree) and new atmosphere I thought I still had my chance at volleyball.
Coach Crabtree showed his faith in Herman several times last year as with JCHS about to close out a game, he would insert her into the contest to serve it out.
Almost every time, Herman came through with flying colors.
Herman respects Crabtree for having the confidence to allow her to contribute in a mighty way.
“It put me on edge because it was pretty much up to me to keep it up,” Herman said. “It was also pretty cool that he had faith in me.”
Herman says that Coach Crabtree has really helped her out.
“He's an awesome coach and we've learned so much in such a short amount of time,” Herman said. “It's sad we only had two years with him.”
The Herman family is one that carries a lot of weight with Danny Herman Trucking being a vibrant Johnson County business, but the family most of all is one of real hard-working dedicated people that's committed to helping the community.
Priscilla's brother works hard at everything he does and he was a perfect role model for his sister. Now Priscilla is showing the same example to the younger girls.
“I learned a lot from Danny,” Herman said. “I learned about his will and determination and that helped too as far as not giving up.”
Another thing the Herman family has is a desire to succeed and Priscilla definitely shows just how much that is evident her life.
“I think it came from Danny, but it also came from our parents not to just give up on ourselves,” Herman said.
Priscilla has had an aunt who has battled cancer and the whole family shows a fighting spirit. Priscilla fought to get back on the volleyball team and two years later she's a senior leader.
“My grandparents have always had that and then it came down to my parents and my aunt and then to us,” Herman said.
Herman is looking forward to this year and hopefully playing a huge part in the Lady Longhorns' success this season.
“I feel like we've grown a lot closer as a team and I think we'll have a lot better season this year,' Herman said.