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Henson to guide JCHS track team in 2017 season

JCHS Track Team

By Tim Chambers

A former Cyclone and Tornado standout will take over the track duties in 2017. Corey Henson is now the head coach and is currently trying to get a grip on his current 2017 squad.
Henson was a standout in track at Elizabethton and at neighboring King College for two seasons.
“I was very excited about the opportunity to coach these kids,” said Henson. “I would love to elevate the program to a better level and that’s one of our goals for the future.”
The team is currently trying to piece the puzzle and it could take a couple of meets to do so.
“It’s still too early to know who can excel at what,” added Henson. “We’ll be able to determine that after a couple of meets. We should be able to pretty much evaluate everyone after that.”
Henson knows he has a couple of reliable athletes on both the boys and girls teams.
Caleigh Blair is the team captain and has a good chance of placing in the 300-meter hurdles and the 400. Destiny Cole is very talented in the 100 and 200-meter runs. Freshman Taylor Cox has the makings to compete in the 400 and 800-meter runs.
“They all have run well at practice,” added Henson. “We want to see how that carries over into our meets.”
The same can be said for Brannon Dominguez, Ethan Woods and Dante Bolgonese on the boys’ side.
“Dante is a senior so we expect some good things from him,” added Henson. “There could be others, but it will take a couple of meets to determine that.”
Henson has a small group of seniors so this year could be a learning process.
“We have a lot of kids that have never run track,” added Henson. “They have played some other sports but are still trying to figure out where they can be their best in the events.”
The Longhorns are scheduled to participate in 10 meets in 2017.
“I would like for the sport to be more recognized,” said Henson. “I want kids to come out and be dedicated. It’s not as much the numbers as it is dedication and interest. We want people who are willing to work hard and be good at it. Like any other sport, we want to compete. We want to give our absolute best.”
The team will have their first meet on Saturday, March 18.