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Hard work and dedication leave lasting impression on Senior athletes

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Friday night was not all about football, but the night also included the time-honored tradition of senior night. It is a moment where everyone pauses and simply acknowledges the hard work and dedication the athletes have put in over the past four years. The senior night also gives every senior the spotlight on the field of their alma mater for the last home game of their high school career. This special night is also a moment of gratitude for the families who supported them throughout the seasons of their beloved sports. For some families, it is also one of the hardest nights of their child’s school career. The realization begins their sweet child is now approaching adulthood at warp speed. Finally, Senior night gives closure to a childhood of memories but opens the door to new beginnings into adulthood.
JCHS honored 23 seniors for giving the Longhorn Nation everything they had for four years. Many will look back and relive their happiest and sometimes their worst moments for years to come, but with that, hopefully, learn and grow in a way that will benefit not only themselves but their community for the rest of their lives.
The seniors walked onto the field with their family members.
Each senior was given a rose to present to the family member when their name was called. It was a sweet tribute to the player and family member.
Football Seniors: Dalton Brown, Trevor Henson, Jacob Earp, Nate Rice, Corie Neely, Shawn Perkins, Nathaniel Summerow, Ethan Icenhour, Julianna Lisi, Angel Martinez, John Stout, Gavin Wilson
Cheerleaders: Ashlee Anderson, Kaylee Anderson, Kirsten Day, Gracie Grayson, Katie McCulloch, Isabella Phipps, and Hannah Walker. Kaylee is also a member of the JCHS band.
There are four other senior members of the JCHS Marching Band. Hanna Caroline Brown, Zachary Dillard, George Grover, and Milee Treadway.
Fall 2021 will be remembered for many things,
but hopefully, the senior athletes will look back and realize they were participants in a time like no other.
These seniors had to adapt to a new normal but persevered through it all, so to the athletes of 2021, remember this simple quote, “don’t stop until you’re proud.”