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Greeneville beats Lady Longhorns 3-0

The Lady Longhorns had a disappointing evening against the Greeneville Lady Green Devils Monday night. Despite holding strong defensively in a back and forth game that saw very few runs but a whole lot of effort, the Lady Longhorns could not put out the offense needed to bring home a win. For Coach Dana Smith the biggest problem the girls faced was knowing when to swing and when to wait. “If we would have hit earlier it might have been different. We had problems hitting early in the game. I believe the girls think too much when they get in the box, or at least more than they should. We’ve been working on it, to keep them from just reacting, seeing the pitch and hitting the ball, but I think they are starting to analyze a little too much instead of just hitting. That was our problem last night, lack of hitting,” Smith said.
Unusual for the Lady Longhorns, there was almost a total lack of strong hits, with only three in the whole game earning bases, and more than 70 strikes overall, including eight strikeouts. The first inning alone had two strikeouts, both from lack of swinging. The first real offensive push from Johnson County didn’t come until the fourth when Eden Smith managed to take second base after a hit into left field. Smith made it back to second again in the seventh, as did Brooke Garr in the fifth, but none of the Lady Longhorns managed to advance any farther.