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Great Football action at Paul McEwen stadium

The Longhorns take the field carrying flags in salute of America at their home game Saturday. Photos by Dean Jones.

By Beth Cox
Sport Writer

The Johnson County Junior Longhorns were ready for action Saturday at the JCHS football field. It was a perfect day for football. The sun was shining, the wind was gently blowing, and the heat was gone. The Tennessee Volunteers were also playing at home in Knoxville, with many wondering about the new coach and how the team would do this year. But, in this county, it was all about the Mighty Mites, the Grasscutters, and the Jr. Pee Wee teams.

The Pee Wee football players traveled to Cloudland. Family members filled the stands to see their beloved football player or cheerleader give it all they had for just a little while.Many across the country were also mindful of the events from September 11 that happened twenty years ago. However, the games at Paul McEwen stadium were just a simple reminder that life goes on and must be played. The teams did not forget about the anniversary of 9-11. They ran onto the field proudly, holding the American flags in their little hands. They may not understand everything, but they know enough.

The games began around noon, with the Jr Pee Wees taking on the Hampton Bulldogs. The Jr. Longhorns worked hard and beat the Bulldogs in a close game. The final score was 19-13. The Grasscutters played at 1:30 and did not do as well as the Jr. Pee Wee team. They worked hard, and it too was a real nailbiter, but once again, the Bulldogs gained a win (12-18). Lastly, the Mighty Mites played at 3 p.m.

They were coming off a great victory against Kingsport, so confidence was on their side. It would, however, be temporary. They lost against the Bulldogs by a bigger margin, 13-31. The PeeWee team lost 0-31 at Cloudland. The Jr. Longhorns will be playing in different locations next week. The PeeWee team will be taking on the Jr. Toppers here at home at 1 p.m.

The Jr. PeeWee and Grasscutters will be playing against the Cyclones at Elizabethton, kickoff at 10 a.m. The Mighty Mites will be traveling to Greeneville Saturday, kickoff at noon. The excitement was just as high as that University of Tennessee game in Knoxville.

JC’s defense takes down the Bulldogs at Saturday’s home games.