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Girls' sports need a shot in the arm

By: Tim Chambers
Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

Often one line can determine if a column is going to be read or not. I’m sure this one will draw some attention.
Simply put, more emphasis needs to be put on girls’ sports in Johnson County.
It’s not that Johnson County doesn’t provide sports programs for them. But one has to step back and ask, are they getting the job done?

Let’s look at the clear picture.
Little League has no girls’ softball this year. My first question is why?
It’s hard for me to believe that a county this size can’t find enough kids to form a softball league.
I’m not pointing the finger at Little League. They offered plenty of sign-up dates for softball. They were ready to provide them a field to play on and people to work their games. These folks shouldn’t shoulder the blame.

But who is?
First off, nothing gets accomplished by pointing fingers.
A few of the older girls will play travel softball this summer. That’s like putting a small bandage over a large cut. It only slows down the bleeding. And you can’t build any type of depth on a team.
Lack of participation means not having players who can push one another for playing time. And when that happens the whole program suffers.
Here is my two-cents worth.
Interest in girls’ sports must take place at a young age. Teach them the basics at ages 5-8. Provide them camps to attend and promote their sports, just like we do boys.
Then sit back and watch them perform.

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