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Girls have almost perfect game, beating Cloudland 14-0

In a season that has already been filled with surprise wins and amazing performances, the Lady Longhorns really took the cake last Monday night at Cloudland, playing what ended up being an almost perfect game. With sophomore Hope Nelson on the mound, the Lady Highlanders simply could not touch a base, and in fact, the only time they even reached first was off of a single error late in the fourth.

 “It was one pop up in between me and the first baseman and we collided,” Nelson said. “Other than that, we did really well. We came out hitting, we adjusted to their pitcher and we really did almost have a perfect game. I came out after we had a really good first inning. We had four or five runs and as a pitcher that just boosts your confidence, knowing that the rest of the team is there behind you to support you and back you up. I just think we were all really comfortable. We were in the zone and concentrating on what we needed to do. It was a good day for me and everybody else on the team as well.”

Nelson ended up with nine strikeouts to her credit, along with the bragging rights that comes with a no hitter. “Hope was just doing an amazing job,” said head coach Dana Smith.
“ Everybody was backing her up and everybody did their part. We hit very well as a team and then the JV came out and did the same. So when you look at them as a whole, as far as being the whole team, everybody did what they needed to do. That makes everybody’s life easier.”

Even those few times that Cloudland was able to put the bat on the ball Johnson County’s defense, both infield and out, did their part to ensure that none made it through. Kristin Roark and Ashley Arnold at first and second were in top form, making solid catches whether a grounder or a pop up fly.
Complimenting the defensive game was an equally amazing offense, led this time by freshman Jayme Jennings who nailed her 10th home run this season. Amazingly, even this record setting figure paled in comparison to the more than 40 RBI’s she has also earned this year. “Jayme holds the school record right now,” Smith said. “And she definitely holds the record for RBIs, which is just unbelievable. I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone do that not even over a full four years. It’s just kind of crazy. We usually have an issue with hitting Cloudland’s pitcher, but most of them have a really good swing if they’ll use it. They just work every time at bat and they think if they don’t get on base something is wrong.”

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