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G-Men enjoy trip to Yankee Stadium

By: Tim Chambers
Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

New York City is enormous compared to Johnson County and three “G-Men” got to see that up close. Gabe, Gavin and Graham Reece should have felt like three small Reese’s Pieces inside a large fish bowl while walking around the Bronx and down Madison Avenue on their recent vacation, but that wasn’t the case. They described the trip as like being in their favorite candy store and here’s why.
The brothers learned in late April that their parents, Brad and Tina Reece, were able obtain tickets for them to see America’s favorite baseball team play baseball. This came after a week’s stay in Bermuda.
“Dad and Mom went on line to try and get tickets but you had to bid on them,” said Gabe. “They finally found a site where we could just buy them. I know they put a lot into it but this was a dream coming true for me. I was going to finally see my favorite baseball team play in their home stadium. It doesn’t get any better than that.”
The rising sophomore has been a diehard Yankee fan for eight years and baseball is his favorite sport. Getting to Yankee Stadium was like winning the lottery.
“I was overjoyed just to be inside there and see everything,” added Gabe. “I got to see nine innings of great baseball on a field where legends had played. Guys like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Roger Maris are icons. Then you had murderers’ row. You look up and see all those big baseballs on the wall with each player’s number. It’s something that catches your eye. I’ll never forget what I saw there. Plus the food was pretty good too.”
Gavin also likes the Yankees but admitted his favorite team was the Reds. He still enjoyed watching his second best team play.
“I like all three sports, so getting to watching something like this was awesome,” said Gavin. “Sitting inside Yankee Stadium sort of set me back in time. I was trying to imagine what it would have been like to see Mantle hit his last home run or Derek Jeter get his last hit there. He’s one player that I really like. It’s the best trip that I’ve ever had.”
The youngest of the three loved the trip but it wasn’t because of the Yankees. It was their opponent that he enjoyed most.
“The Angels are my favorite team,” said Graham, otherwise known to many of his friends as “Little Sports Center.” “I used to like the Yankees when I was in Tee-Ball but not now. I love the Angels and Mike Trout. He’s everything you want to see in a baseball player.”
Graham was quick to answer when asked why Trout was so special.
“He plays that game hard and makes great catches in the outfield. He can also hit home runs and for a high batting average. He was the All-Star MVP and led off that game with a home run. I would love to be that type of player. Watching him play was very special. I also enjoyed watching Albert Pujols play too.”
Graham got to see Trout and Pujols hit home runs in the game but the Angels lost 6-2. Gabe and Gavin enjoyed teasing him about it.

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