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Finishing strong means everything for Parsons and Greer

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

The JCHS Longhorns are still in conference action and will play Tuesday night, but in a few short weeks, the season will be over, and for two senior players, an essential era of their lives will be behind them. Zack Parsons and Preston Greer have played basketball since they were little boys with big dreams. They started out with the Johnson County Youth Basketball League and played on the same team at times. After the youth league, they both played in middle school and high school. With more than eight years of playing together, they know each other well. According to Parsons, both he and Preston are leaders, “Preston and I lead by example, if something is going for us in a game, we like to give it an extra push, and we know the guys will follow suit.” Greer shares the same sentiment as his friend and teammate, “We have really high standards for each other because we know how capable we both are. We communicate by playing our hardest and knowing that is going to drizzle down to everyone else.”
Watching these two young men work together is inspiring. Both are so focused and determined to do their best and look for each other on the court, Greer seems to know where Parsons is many times and feeds him the ball under the basket. Parsons delivers by adding points to the board. This is a play they have perfected over time. The same can be said defensively. Parsons rebounds and immediately looks for Greer to get the ball down the court, which he does with at least a couple of defenders all over him.
Coach Austin Atwood relies heavily on his seniors. “Preston and Zack work hard for me every game and always give me their best,” he said. “They have done a great job for our program.”
Parsons said of the game on Tuesday, “it’s just another game, and we will take care of business.”
Greer added, “We didn’t want to be in this position, but we will play hard because that is what Johnson County basketball is all about.”
As the year comes to an end, the one thing both players are going to miss is being part of a team and a better friendship. Parsons described the special bond of a team, “you create a bond over four years with the same guys that will last forever, so not spending that time with them is what I will miss.” Greer added, “I’m also going to miss playing in a packed gym as the fans cheer us on, we have the best fans, and they really get into the game.”