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Dugger ready to step up game

By Matt Hill

Elizabeth Dugger was disappointed with how the JCHS Volleyball and Softball Team went last year and she’s vowing to make her senior year her best one.
Dugger is right now focusing on volleyball and she really thinks the Lady Longhorn win total is going to go up this year.
“I want to step it up from last year and the year before,” Dugger said. “With Coach (Eric) Crabtree he’s already taught us new things and I want to take those new things into a game and step it up.
“I think we’re going to do really well this season. I can already tell we’re doing a lot better and I’m excited to see what we’re going to do this season.”
Dugger feels this is a very good unit that will play together this year.
“I like how everyone plays a team and we’re all one group,” Dugger said. “It’s really awesome how volleyball is. It’s a unique sport.”
Dugger says she loves softball as well as volleyball and she tries to equalize the time given to each sport.
“They’re separate seasons so from volleyball I go straight into softball and then from softball to volleyball in the summer,” Dugger said. “I’m staying conditioned all year long.
“I hope we will do a lot better in both sports, especially volleyball since this is volleyball season. I’m expecting a real good season.”
Dugger has had big family shoes to fill as her brother, JCHS assistant boys basketball coach Jeff Pardue, was a key player on the 83-84 Boys Basketball Team that went to the state tournament.
Pardue might just be the best to ever play here in basketball and has left a legacy no one can match.
Dugger would love to have a senior year like her brother’s.
“Jeff is a very big influence,” Dugger said. “With him as my brother I feel I should be as good as him. He’s awesome. He teaches me to have great sportsmanship and to do well in sports and academics, and that academics do come first.
“There is pressure following in his footsteps and maybe one day I can be as good as him.”
Dugger wants to go into education after graduating college.
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