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DMRA, a recreation destination for the whole family

Weekend fun at DMRA. Submitted photo

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Many changes are happening at Doe Mountain Recreation Area (DMRA). Executive Director Shawn Lindsey is happy about the progress and excited to see what this summer holds for tourism in Johnson County.
The County Commission approved an OHV route during their last meeting. The approval of the new OHV route will help local businesses and hopefully lead to many more opportunities for outdoor tourism. Lindsey hopes it will bring in more people from around the area to contribute to Johnson County’s economy. The new director already has brought local businesses to DMRA. He has had food trucks and other food vendors. He has also added works of art from Johnson County Art Center on display and is ready to be sold. In the DMRA newsletter, the goal of DMRA is to “promote all aspects of our county from breathtaking views, local restaurants, lodging, farmers, and education.”
One of the newest features is the outdoor archery range. Archery is one of the fastest-growing sports right now, and the archery range at DMRA is exciting news for the UT/TSU Extension 4-H program. “This is big for the county and the 4-H program and very new for Johnson County,” Lindsey said.
The DMRA and 4-H extension staff came together to add archery as a part of the 4-H program. On April 30, classroom and infield shooting will begin. Check the DMRA newsletter for more information.
Many may wonder why is DMRA important to the residents of Johnson County. In the DMRA Economic impact for 2021, it is estimated that 2.4 million from visitors to the county is important to the area because it is “fresh money,” which means if not for DMRA, that money would not be a part of the local economy. DMRA brings much-needed revenue to Johnson County. The Summary of Economic Contribution within the local area shows a 199k contribution and 4.0 million from Economic Activity.
The best part of DMRA is using natural resources to build the economy. It is a fun, adventurous place for the whole family. Lindsey is committed to DMRA but also to the community as a whole. He encourages everyone to come out and see what is new.