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Despite slow start, 'Horns defeat Sullivan East 6-1

The Johnson County Longhorns have really turned their season around taking on and defeating some of the toughest competition in their conference. It was no exception against Sullivan East in the last regularly scheduled conference game of the season. Relying heavily on a strong defensive performance, the Longhorns were able to hold the Patriots at bay six out of seven innings, keeping them to a single run for the whole game.
Playing inning by inning, Johnson County seemed to be determined to make East earn every base, and although the Patriots managed to outdo the Longhorns in base hits 5-7, they were unable to cover the necessary ground to make their advancements count. Part of Johnson County’s success was a terrific pitching game from Ryan Mahala. Taking the mound in all seven innings, Mahala put out ten batters on strikeouts, with only three walks.
While this was the first time that the Patriots had faced Mahala as pitcher, East used the same pitcher they have relied on in past conference games, giving big hitters like Daniel Helm experience to work off of. “We were just more into it today. We were ready to play, to get them out of the way and go on with our heads up. I didn’t get to bat exactly like I wanted too but we were decent. I did terrible against this pitcher the last few times but I felt like tonight I redeemed myself,” he said.
Helm went on to land a double and earned two runs, taking base the second time off a walk. Other big hitters included Harley Reece, who took base twice but was cut short of a run both times, and Judd Hammons who completed two runs. Reece’s hits earned him 3 RBIs. Although Johnson County started off slow, with no gains on the scoreboard through the third inning, big sweeps in the fourth and fifth allowed the Longhorns to breathe a little easier.
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