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Dawson Snyder – a pure shooter, outdoors and indoors

Dawson Snyder showing how he can sink a long shot

By Tim Chambers

Imagine cloning Stephen Curry, William Tell and Daniel Boone all into one. That’s what you get with Johnson County senior, Dawson Snyder.
The young Snyder has become quite a marksman in his young age and it’s evident with his recent hunting success.
This season he has killed three deer with a bow and one with a rifle.  His hunting days started before he was knee high to a grasshopper.
“I killed my first deer when I was eight years old, said Snyder. “I was hunting with my uncle and grandpa. I’ve been hunting with my dad ever since then. They’ve all had a big influence on me doing what I love to do.”
The two things that Snyder enjoys most are hunting and shooting a basketball. He has the ability on the court to knock down shots from long range and can hit a deer from a country mile away with a rifle and bow.
“It’s all about repetition, muscle memory and practicing shot after shot,” added Snyder. “Shooting basketball versus shooting my bow and rifle are similar in some ways. You have to practice a lot in order to do well at both. You have to keep on doing it over and over and over.”
The young Snyder also has developed some Santa Claus like ways too. He doesn’t mind to share the things that he’s been blessed with.
“This has been my best season starting out so far but I’ve yet to kill a buck,” added Snyder. “My first one dressed out at 98 pounds. The others were bigger but we didn’t weigh them. Our freezer is full of deer meat but I’ve also given much of it away. People ask for it and we don’t care to share it. God’s given me the ability to do something that I really love and enjoy. It’s nice when people do things for one another.”
The 17-year-old Snyder spoke about God being important in his life. He took the time to touch on that.
“It’s a great feeling when you leave out at dark and watch the sun rise,” said Snyder. “I get a little bit closer to God when I can see His beauty out in the field. I enjoy just being out there even if I don’t kill anything. It’s peaceful hearing all the things that He has created.”
Dawson doesn’t always want to be around the peace and quiet. There is nothing he likes more than playing basketball inside of a packed gymnasium.
“I like competition and getting after it out on the court. I like hitting a big shot or making a good pass. But there is nothing I enjoy more than winning. I want to do well in competition that I take part in.”
He started shooting in bow tournaments nearly two years ago. It’s not surprising that he has added that to his liking.
“Nathan Winters has been a mentor to me when it comes to the bow shooting tournaments. I begin doing it last year and fell in love with it. I’ve learned a great deal from listening and watching Nathan shoot. He’s on the pro circuit plus he’s a great teacher. I enjoy going to the competitions with him.”
For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of this week’s Tomahawk.