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Cyclones win on home field against Longhorns 10-0

The Longhorns bad luck for the week continued on despite a break in the weather. Playing an early Good Friday game against the Cyclones in the home of the Elizabethton Twins, Johnson County was greeted with a crisp, clear spring day. Having been postponed from Tuesday because of rain and storms at the beginning of the week, the change was a welcome sight, but seemingly did little to lift the spirits of the team or help them find the drive to put up a good fight against the Cyclones.
In a five inning outcome, the Longhorns were unable to put up a single run, while watching helplessly as Elizabethton batted in a steady stream, topped off with a big four run hit in the fifth that gave the Cyclones the necessary ten run lead to end the game early. When asked what went wrong, 1st baseman Daniel Helm was hard pressed to find the words. “I can’t even explain what happened today. There just wasn’t enough life. He was throwing curves today. So it was an off speed pitcher and the whole team is used to fastballs, but we really just need to pick it up,” he said.
Although never able to get a break that allowed them to cross home plate, the Longhorns were not completely without advancement. Dusty Stout, Daniel Helm, Harley Reece, Judd Hammons, Ryan Mahala all managed to connect with base earning hits, albeit all singles. There were also a few instances where the Longhorns took advantage of walks or hits by the pitcher to advance as far as third base, but there was just never enough consistent drive to push the Longhorns all the way through a run.
For Elizabethton, playing at home on a big field like Riverside was just what was needed, and although the defense kept the Cyclones from running away full steam there was a steady line of advancement overall. The Cyclones managed to put up one run in the first inning, didn’t gain any in the second, but then put up two in the third, three in the fourth, and topped off with a big hit in the fifth with the bases loaded up, to put in four more.
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