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Cyclones come away with win over Lady Longhorns

In a second tough loss for the week the Johnson County Lady Longhorns were unable to overcome the Elizabethton Lady Cyclones on the road. Gaps in Johnson County’s normally strong defense and continuing troubles at bat plagued the game. Further complications came from a recent injury for freshman pitcher Cindy Eddington, who managed to pitch four innings before turning the mound over to Hope Nelson. Fortunately Nelson put up a strong performance, providing the only strikeout against the Lady Cyclones the whole evening.
The game was not without its high spots, however, and following a rough first inning that saw Elizabethton gain three runs, Johnson County had managed to battle back by the third to even the score. By that point Eddington had already pitched more than 70 times and Coach Dana Smith had to begin considering taking her out of the game. “We tried to stick it out. Cindy is hurt, and we tried to hang in as long as we could hang in and I probably hung in a little too long with her. She and I talked a lot about what we were doing and how she was feeling. She probably won’t be playing at all Thursday.”
With senior pitcher Danielle Hensley out for several weeks due to surgery on her shoulder, Smith has had to rely on her three freshman throwers, but has had a surprising amount of success. The more troubling issue that Smith had in this game was shortfalls from the normally very strong defense. “Defense is normally our bread and butter, but we always learn every time we play. We hit at different times and did good things at different times, and then we did bad things at other times.”
The Lady Cyclones got off to a big start in the first inning, thanks to a home run that batted in two other runners on base, but the Lady Longhorns were able to keep Elizabethton away from home plate for two more runs. At the same time Johnson County’s girls were working hard to pull ahead after making up the difference with a run by Eden Smith in the second and two in the third, from Ashley Arnold and Haley Miller.
The big upset came in the fourth inning with the Lady Cyclones making another home run along with three other hits at bat and two walks. All told, the Lady Longhorns were faced with six more Elizabethton runs on the board, putting the score at 3-9 and effectively diminishing the hope of taking home a win.
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