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Cyclones beat Lady Longhorns in 18-15 win

With both teams fighting fiercely for the win, the Johnson County Lady Longhorns went into an all out battle against the Elizabethton Lady Cyclones at home Thursday night. It was a game full of action as both teams struggled defensively to keep their opponent off the scoreboard. Despite making 15 runs and a whopping 18 base earning hits, the Lady Longhorns still came up three runs shy of the victory.
With multiple home runs in the first, third, fourth, and sixth innings, the Lady Cyclones were an offensive storm on the field. Pitching five innings, freshman Cindy Eddington was able to land 50 strikes out of 73 total pitches, before turning the game over to Hope Nelson, but despite an excellent performance from both pitchers, there was little that Johnson County’s normally very strong defense could do against the Lady Cyclone’s big hits.
The first home run alone batted in three runs in the first inning. The Lady Longhorns kept Elizabethton away from home through the second inning, but were in even worse shape after the third, thanks to another three run homer. The Lady Cyclones offense slowed a little in the third and fourth, with the only gain coming from a single homerun, but were swamped by an amazing eight run advancement in the sixth.
Fortunately, the Lady Longhorns were very successful at bat as well. Although lacking in long distance hits, Johnson County had good contact overall, taking base in five innings and scoring in four. Things started slowly, with the first successful run coming in the third inning after a hit by Cindy Eddington managed to push Ashley Arnold across home plate, but sped up quickly by the fourth inning.
In all Arnold was able to put up three runs, along with Liza Watson who advanced in the fourth, fifth, and seventh innings. Yet, despite making three runs in the fourth and five runs in the fifth, Johnson County was still behind 9-18 coming into the seventh inning.
After taking two quick outs at the beginning of the inning, it looked as though Johnson County had little hope of making a good showing, but as the bases began loading up following two walks for Hollie Harrison and Eden Smith, the fans’ hopes began to rise. After a double from Cindy Eddington batted in both Harrison and Smith, things began to really heat up. As Haley Miller, Liza Watson, and Miranda Payne all made hits of their own, speculation began that the Lady Longhorns might just pull off a miracle.
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