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Crabtree to fill big shoe as new baseball head coach

Front Row L-R: Nathaniel Walker, Grayson Holt, Asa Lewis, Ethan Icenhour, Nathan King, Ezra Howard, Connor Stout, Trey Snyder, Tanner Bullier, Chris Reece
Back Row L-R: Asst Coach Matt Mowery, Coach Eric Crabtree,  Andrew Reece, Graham Reece, Dakota Holt, Zach Parsons, Seth Conder, Peyton Pavusek, George Grill, Jonathan Jennings
Photo by Joey Icenhour

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

With the passing of Coach Pete Pavusek, Assistant Coach Eric Crabtree has now become head coach for the JCHS baseball team.
Crabtree begins the season bittersweet for everyone. As he discussed the new season, Crabtree said, “it’s good we are out here, but it doesn’t seem right to be out here without Pete. It won’t ever be the same, but we are trying to be positive, and we have to move forward.” Crabtree continued, “he is on our mind constantly. He will be with us every step of the way, the first game will be very emotional, but we will get through it.”
Crabtree’s program will be as it always has been in his sixteen years as the assistant coach, “I am just an extension of Pete, Coach Mike (Michael Icenhour) and I have been doing this for a long time. We know each other well.”
Crabtree takes on his
new role, and the responsibility becomes ever more apparent.
“Coach P did the schedules, drove the bus, did everything, and now it is on me. I’m learning a lot.”
The JCHS baseball
team is in good hands with the coaches. The young men on the team,
especially the seniors, feel a responsibility to honor the memory of their beloved coach.
Pitching standout and senior Asa Lewis said, “As seniors, we will come out here and work hard as Coach P always expected us to do. We want to leave a culture of always working hard as we were taught by him.”
The morale is high as the program is poised to move forward. The team has a lot of love and respect for Crabtree and will work just as hard.
There will be moments of reflection of the past, but these young men understand life must go on. Seth Conder said, “We are seniors now. We want to win, and we will, but we will also have fun.”
Life does go on, and it is no different on a baseball field. The legacy of Coach P is in good hands, but the best way to honor and remember the coach is to attend games and support these resilient baseball players.