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Cox Twins end season at state playoffs

Johnson County Longhorn tennis duo Olivia, left, and Taylor Cox playing in TN High School state tennis finals in Murfreesboro, TN Thursday. The Cox twins lost to Jordan and Cameron Reed of Halls High School. Photo by Beth Cox

By Beth Cox
Freelance Writer

Taylor and Olivia Cox traveled to Murfreesboro Thursday to play in the state finals in doubles tennis for the small school division.
The girls felt good about their chances of going all the way as Olivia expressed how hard they had worked to get this far.
“We practiced, and we looked good going into the tournament,” she said.
Taylor followed up, “We literally warmed up right before the match, my serves were going in, Olivia was killing it at the net, we felt good about everything.”
It was a different story once the match against Halls High School’s players and ironically twin duo of Jordan and Cameron Reed got underway as the Cox twins struggled to make things happen.
“The Reed twins could place the ball pretty well, but we had played tougher matches, we just couldn’t get it worked out and then we got frustrated,” Olivia said, as Taylor agreed, “We couldn’t get anything in the court, we were rattled a bit, and it affected us.”
The girls had some good plays down the line, which was hard for the Reed twins to return, but the consistency just was not there. The momentum was clearly in the Reed court, and they made the most of it.
Arthur Ashe once said, “Success is a journey, not a destination,” which of course, can apply to the Cox twins, who can look back on their tennis journey and see many accomplishments.
The girls’ record was almost perfect except for the loss against 6A Dobyns Bennett High School. The dynamic duo was both district and regional champions and got the respect of all those around them.
They also were part of the top eight in the state for the small school division two years in a row.
Olivia and Taylor have made their mark on JCHS tennis, by motivating other students to notice tennis as a competitive sport.
There is still more to accomplish on their journey going into their senior year.
Arthur Ashe finished his statement, “The doing is usually more important than the outcome.”
The outcome is uncertain, but the duo will have one more year to enjoy their tennis journey and make memories that will last long after any awards or accolades they receive.
“We will be back at state and who knows maybe third time’s a charm, Taylor said.”
Olivia added, “My dad always said we would win state our senior year, so who knows.”
Both girls also wanted to express their sincere appreciation to their supporters.
Taylor concluded, “sometimes the hardest part is the feeling of letting down
those who supported us, so we want to thank everyone, especially our family for believing in us and being so nice.”