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COVID sidelines Longhorns and reporters

By Tim Chambers
Sports Editor

Johnson County’s quest to kick off basketball season has suddenly hit a halt due to the COVID. This will be the trend throughout the year if COVID is detected on the team or within the coaching staff. The protocol or wait is like that of missing four games or more when it occurs. 

An example is this week’s game at Hampton. The girls will play on Tuesday, but the boys can’t play until Wednesday because it’s their first day out of quarantine. That’s right, and they’ll be playing without any practice for 14 days. Play should be stopped if this occurs. You risk injuries to players not being in shape and a display of bad basketball. 

The reality is that they’ll be a lot of games that will likely be canceled. Unlike football, where one game per week is played, basketball can be three games and sometimes more in a week. Teams that have to be quarantined face sometimes losing two to three weeks of practice, which will make it challenging to get better as the season progresses. 

Tournament champions will be based on who can stay healthy and COVID-free over the course of the season. And what happens if a fan or someone other than a player test positive at the game. Is everyone in quarantine?Games will likely be too risky to take chances on catching the COVID. What are we walking into when we play games on the road?

I have had the COVID, and it’s something I don’t want to get again. I’ve had friends die from it, and at times I thought I was going to. My sickness started just a few days after our football playoff game at Alcoa. I will not be at any gym if I feel bad, nor will I be around any players or coaches. 

Furthermore, it should be mandatory that every fan wear a mask while inside at the games. Who knows if we will get through the season or not but one thing you can bank on. There will likely be a lot of schedule changes throughout the year.