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Cougars get caged by Longhorns’ defense

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

The JCMS boys’ basketball team played an outstanding game against Sullivan Central on Thursday night at home.
Coach Mark McClain always makes it a point to compliment his team’s support from the Longhorn fans, and Thursday night was no exception. In return fans were treated to great basketball by the Longhorns.
Comparing both teams on size alone, it would seem the Longhorns were in for a tough fight that would be hard to win. Anyone who has ever watched the Longhorns know, size doesn’t matter; this team has determination, talent, and a little fire in their soul when it comes to basketball.
In the first quarter of the game, the Longhorns could not get that ball in the basket for anything. However, Sullivan Central never got the lead because they made up for what the Longhorns lacked in points in defense.
If the Longhorns could have made the shots, this game would have been over in the first quarter.
The Cougars could not get one shot in the first quarter but got nine in the second. The Longhorns put away
11 points in the first and second quarter, so they were in good shape going into halftime.
In the second half, the Longhorns kept playing strong defense and consistently made their shots. Carter Atwood fired up the crowd by banking three-pointers all night. He had 15 points for the night, all from behind the arc. Darren Chappell had nine with Joseph Church with six, Landin Lipford with five. Coach McClain just loves watching his boys’ play their hearts out, “their defensive effort led the team, and it is contagious after that. Each player just gave a tremendous effort.”
Johnson County is second in the conference, just behind Unicoi County.