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Coach becomes stadium namesake

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

On Tuesday, the Johnson County School Board unanimously voted to name its baseball stadium the
Pete Pavusek Memorial Stadium.
Director of Schools Dr. Mischelle Simcox began by expressing how sad the occasion is but how honored Coach P would have been to know the stadium will now carry his name.
“Coach P always had a smile on his face, he loved the kids, he loved what he did, he was very passionate about baseball,” Simcox said.
Principal Leon Henley also expressed his emotions about the honor that was bestowed on Pavusek when he said,
“Coach P was a lot of different things to a lot of different people, I loved him, and I miss him.”
Dr. Stephen Long said that there have been many discussions about renaming the baseball stadium after Pavusek.
“We’ve talked about it for quite some time; we were just waiting for the right time, so now the right time is definitely here,” Long said.
Long also explained now is the time to honor Coach P and his family. Unlike the football and basketball arenas, the baseball stadium has never been named, so Pavusek’s name will be part of the stadium and not just the baseball field.
Simcox said the vendor has already been contacted about the sign placed above the new scoreboard. The timeframe of when the stadium will be complete and a date for the dedication of the Pete Pavusek Memorial Stadium is still unknown, but more information will be coming out as the process continues.
Coach Eric Crabtree was pleased to hear the stadium carry his friend and coach’s name.
“He deserved it,” Crabtree said. “His loyalty to the system, the baseball team, and the kids should be rewarded, and no better way than naming the stadium after him.”
Tim Chambers covered sports for The Tomahawk for many years and wrote a story about how the name stadium should be changed to honor Pavusek. Chambers is happy it will happen now but sad his friend will not be around to see it.
“What a great honor for an amazing person and coach,” Chambers said. “I loved Coach Pavusek and miss him dearly. He deserved this. He had 334 wins and did so much for the Johnson County baseball.”