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Cloudland's defense helpless against Longhorns

Cloudland’s defense helpless against Longhorns
For the second time in a week the Johnson County Longhorns firmly defeated their opponent, this time toppling the Cloudland Highlanders in one of Johnson County’s first mercy ruled games this season. With 18 runs and hits in only 5 innings, the game will go down as one of the best the Longhorn’s have played so far.
Following a pattern that has been both blessing and curse, Johnson County blasted through the first inning before settling into a steady pace. Thanks to some early problems on the pitcher’s mound, Cloudland’s defense was helpless to stop a storm of Longhorn hits. With the bases eventually loading up from walks, hits by the pitcher, and several good contacts on the ball, Johnson County was able to get six runners across home plate in their first turn at bat.
Coach Pete Pavusek seemed very pleased with the team’s performance. “We’ve just got to maintain a little bit of focus. We set a goal for tonight. We wanted tonight to move to 500 and when you get to 500 in high school ball, that’s not bad. You are doing well if you can hover around 500. That’s what we wanted and we did well today. We’re focusing now on scoring a run or two and keep scoring, keep playing seven innings and keep going. We’re trying to score each inning, to keep pressure on the other team. I think we’re doing okay at that.”
There certainly was a great deal of pressure on the Highlanders, as they faced a gauntlet of Johnson County pitchers. Harley Reece took to the mound first, pitching two innings and picking up two strikeouts with a total of 18 strikes out of 29 pitches. Andy Stout, Bobby Taylor, and Jacob Henson each pitched one of the remaining three innings. Stout and Taylor both walked away with two strikeouts under their belts, while Henson landed three.
Even when the Highlanders were able to get away with a hit, it often resulted in a quick out thanks to the Longhorn’s strong lineup of catchers. Cloudland caught a break in the second inning that allowed them to put two consecutive runs up on the board but was less fortunate for the remainder of the game.
Making matters worse for the highlanders, Johnson County began hitting a series of homeruns in the third and fourth innings. The first to clear the park came from Jacob Henson in the third, and resulted in four more runners being batted in. Harley Reece hit the second homer in the fourth, putting three more runs on the board, and the last came from Blade Hampton.
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