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Cloudland puts up a good fight, but Longhorns defeat them 13-0

By, Jonathan Pleasant
Freelance Writer

With the weather finally cooperating, the Longhorns were able to get back on the field as they took on the visiting Cloudland Highlanders. Dominating from the very first inning, the game was a good chance for Johnson County to get back into the groove and prepare for some of the big challenges ahead.

“We’re just trying to get rid of a lot of the rust,” said head coach Pete Pavusek. “It almost feels like were back at square one starting the season all over again, but we’ll be okay. We just want to get out there and play.” In an effort to get some time on the mound, Pavusek took turns putting in each of Johnson County’s various pitchers, ending with a stellar performance from Ryan Mahala.

According to Pavusek, “I wanted all our pitchers to get out there and throw a couple innings and at least get on the mound, get back in the rhythm, back in the flow where it’s been so long. We did good things. We covered the bases, backed each other up, made the plays; hit the ball when we needed to. It was good considering how long we’ve been out. We were pleased with it. I though everybody threw well. Jacob threw well; his slider was working really well. If Jon Vannoy can get ahead of the batter he’s more effective. He kind of struggles there when he gets behind in the count, but he’s still learning. Andy Woods did okay too. We had a good showing from us.” By the 3rd inning the Longhorns were ahead 8-0.

Cloudland struggled on valiantly, but with trouble on the mound and numerous walks, Johnson County was able to take a great deal of advantage over their opponent . Contact on the ball was solid despite a lack of long range shots.

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