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Closeness of the Seniors Cheer Squad is the key to success

Johnson County High School cheerleaders Megan Pardue, Chloe Arnold and Charly Martin smile at the camera just moments before the trio joined the rest of the squad to cheer on the Longhorns season opener game against Sullivan East. Photo by Joey Icenhour

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

The first game of the 2019-2020 football season was not only bittersweet for the senior football players, but also for the senior cheerleaders who have put their heart and soul in motivating the crowd and elevating school spirit throughout their time at JCHS.
The seniors have seen many changes over four years, which has, in many ways, strengthened their bond. Cheer coach Michelle Walters describes her seniors with one word, family.
Walters admires how her seniors are the best at including everyone into the family and encouraging each other to be and do their best.
The captains of the cheer squad are Marisela Mejia and Danielle Robinson. Walters states Mejia is a born leader and can instruct and encourage her teammates with optimism and passion. Robinson is the co-captain of the squad, and she is known to have a “sweet spirit that encourages everyone to be their best.”
Mejia has cheered for three years. She enjoys cheering mainly because of the bond she has with her teammates. “We all have become so close over the years; they are like my family.”
Robinson agrees with Mejia on the fact that the cheer squad gets very close throughout the season. The senior co-captain has been cheering since she was in kindergarten and now hopes to continue in cheer
Chloe Arnold has cheered for three years; she loves the connection and closeness of the cheer squad. She enjoys cheering because it pushes her to set high goals and better expectation for herself. Arnold feels the lessons she has learned through cheering will help with her plans for the future.
DeAnna Greer finds it exciting to be a part of the “Friday Night Lights.” Greer feels her leadership qualities have improved throughout her time as a cheerleader. She aspires to cheer at the collegiate level after school. The ambitious senior has been a cheerleader for three years.
Charly Martin as also cheered for four years. She loves everything about cheering, especially during football season.
Megan Pardue has cheered for three years and loves going to the away games so she can spend more time with her cheer family.
Natalie Winters joined the squad this year. She loves every minute of cheering and feels very close to her teammates; stating; “the girls are so nice and loving to me every day, they are truly the best.”
Walters expresses her admiration for her senior squad, “they love without reservation and will be great leaders for this year’s squad.”